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Afraid You Won’t Be Able to Sell Your Home Because of Its Condition?

Homes can sit on the market for weeks or even months without attracting any buyer interest. If a potential buyer does suddenly turn up, the offer may be far below what the asking price of the house is. House selling negotiations can be timely, indecisive, and still no guarantee of a sale.

Even worse, this can happen to a house of any type. The odds of selling a house which is in need of a lot of repair for a good price — and in a short time — are far more unlikely than the odds of selling an attractive home.

Distressed homes can linger for months on end, falling into further decay and needing more repairs. Homeowners pressured for a quick sale because of their house’s condition may not find any buyer interest in their home because of its unappealing appearance. These homes have no chance of being sold for retail, compared to more attractive houses with no repair needs that are on the market.

Pressures to Sell House Fast

There might be other reasons you are feeling anxious to sell your home aside from its condition. Other multiple pressures, such as threats of foreclosure, risks of eviction, late house payments, or decreasing home values in a refurbished neighborhood might be situations which require a fast and effective home sale. If you have house in need of repair, your chances of getting the right deal for your home are greatly diminished.
What then can you do?
Despair no longer- we can help!

“Attractive or Not” Properties | David Buys All Types of Houses in San Antonio, Texas

We have a quick solution to your need—we can offer to buy your house regardless of its looks. We don’t care about your house’s appearance or how long it has been on the market. Huge amount of repair needs, deteriorating paint trim, increasing age, unattractive features — it doesn’t matter. We aren’t afraid of things that may intimidate other buyers– we will buy a house of any size or type, regardless of condition. Our services are available to homeowners who live in San Antonio and the surrounding areas.

How We Work

To begin, homeowners call us and schedule an appointment. During this appointment, they will have their needs determined, home evaluated, and financial situation assessed. After everything has been fully accounted for, homeowners will be presented with a cash money offer that is mutually beneficial to both sides.

However, a speedy sale is not the sole focus: David is committed to holding himself to the highest quality standards and offering his customers a cash deal that is both fair and completely satisfies their home sales needs. He is here to make your house sales experience the quickest and most convenient possible while providing friendly consultation and your complete satisfaction.
Selling your house has never been easier. No Fees, No Hassles, No Obligations!

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Doing so will be your first step toward financial renewal and freedom!
There’s nothing to lose- call us today at  to schedule an appointment and be on your way to getting cash for your house, fast!

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