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Feeling the Need to Sell Quickly? SELL Your House for CASH…TODAY!

Your home has been languishing on the market for weeks, months or worse, even longer. It may have been a long time since you last heard of any buyer interest in your home whatsoever. Frustration, doubt, anxiety, pressure—these are all feelings you associate with your selling experience. You may even find yourself asking, “How will I ever sell my home?” It truly seems like it’s going nowhere.

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Feeling pressured to sell your home in a hurry?

Homeowners can feel pushed to sell their home fast for several reasons:

  • Threats of eviction and emotional trauma
  • Delayed mortgage payments and risks of credit rating destruction
  • Growing risk of home foreclosure
  • Decreasing home value
  • Deteriorating home value in refurbished neighborhood

All of these and more can motivate homeowners to feel pressured about the timing of their house sale. However, they might be unsure about what options they can turn to for a quick, stress-free home sale, thinking that there are no effective solutions. That’s no longer the case. David Markette offers the perfect solution – offering an uncomplicated cash money offer for your house, regardless of its condition – for your residential sale need, giving you a swift sale, money in your pocket, and pathway to a new life.

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Why David and His Homebuying Services?

In late 2012, residential home sales to real estate investors such as David accounted for roughly a sizable 20 percent of total residential sales. Why? Because of the timing offered by homebuying services! In contrast to the more traditional — and slower (less effective) — methods of real estate sales, selling your home to a homebuyer means cash in your pocket faster and a convenient, hassle-free home sale. David offers more than convenience and a timely sales experience – he is committed to giving his customers an efficient sales process, providing friendly consulting services, and focusing on complete client fulfillment.

David Buys Houses FAST and for CASH!

You begin by calling to arrange an appointment for us to meet with you and discuss your needs and problems. During this appointment, we will assess your requirements, examine your home, and learn of your financial circumstances. Within 24 hours of your meeting, you will receive a cash money offer for your home that is fair to both parties. That’s it- no gimmicks, no fees, no obligations, no wasting of precious time. David offers you the alternative method to selling your home the old way, which often leads to periods of lingering on the market, indecisive and drawn-out negotiations, and an unguaranteed sales closing process. He is a San Antonio CASH Home Buyer. We are committed to making the selling of your home convenient and enjoyable. No wait, no hassle– Selling your home has never been faster and easier! All you have to do is pick up the phone! Call us at (210) 319-5464 and start on your way to financial freedom!

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